Saturday, March 21, 2009

Facade extension_02

I developed the facade concept further - the floor is now an intricate part of the facade system. Still an extension to an existing building - this time an office building from the 70's part of the Public Service cluster on gärdet in Stockholm. The basic concept is that of materializing radiowaves and at the same dematerialize an existing building as well as increase the workspace. Part of the facade(and ceiling plan as well) Elevation
Section showing facade/floor meeting distributing natural light into the ceiling which be diffused with artifical lighting. Internal partitions and communication are part of the same system.

Laser cut models showing the twisted lamellas. The system, which was modelled in Generative Components, controll curvature and rotation making it possible to adjust the facade according to views and shading.
The lamellas rotate and transform into a flat floor KTH Arkitekturskolan 2007. Architecture Information Tutor: Ulrika Karlsson

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