Thursday, March 19, 2009

One source of inspiration for this project was a group of coral skeletons that were stacked together like a flower bouquet. Each skeleton has the shape of a cone with a smaller radius at the base that grows towards the top. The skeletons are stacked together in six corners thus creating a pattern of irregular hexagons. After the stacking and cutting of aggregations of hexagons some interesting patterns emerged in the sections.

Parameters controlled by a cutting surface A static set of hexagons were cut with a dynamic double curved cutting surface. The coral like cone structure is single curved and unrolled and manufactured in a rational way.

Section Elevations I set up a dynamic model in Generative Components making the cone structure dynamic and the cutting plane static

the large difference in performance is that straight cutting plans can be used to create a similar effect as before creating straight wall elements with a transformation in porosity.

"Uncut" model creating a dynamic roofscape. The systems resembles a honey comb structure and acts self supporting in large span structure.

Project in collaboration with Tove Leander and Magnus Hofverberg at Arkitekturskolan KTH, Studio AIF 2006. Tutors: Jonas Runberger and Thomas Wingate.

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